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FAQ's About Fuel Injection

How Does a Diesel Fuel Injection Pump Work?
A diesel injection pump uses an injector to spray fuel directly past the glow plug and then flows into the combustion chamber. This technology created here will allow for more complete burning of the diesel fuel. It therefore makes it more efficient and produces less stinky smoke into the atmosphere.
Is Diesel Fuel Injection Service More Expensive than with Gasoline Engines?
Because of the complexity and sheer size, a diesel fuel injection service is far more expensive than a gasoline engine. A Detroit Diesel-Allison fuel injection system, although it may only be four cylinders, has to work in a harsher, more unyielding, environment that is far more pressure filled. It also has to act as a strainer and filter system to ensure that any gums or lacquers that may be carried in the diesel fuel never reach the injector body and clog it up. Diesel fuel, by its very nature, is nowhere as clean and chemical/wax-free as gasoline. Gasoline systems also burn much of the junk out, while diesels, since they rely on self-combustion and heat, tend to let the lacquers and gums remain.
Do Diesel Fuel Injection Systems Run More Efficiently than Gas Powered Cars?
Diesel fuel injection systems are inherently more efficient than gasoline-powered cars due to the nature of fuel injection. It has been estimated by experts that diesel fuel injection systems are 44% efficient, while gasoline systems are 32% efficient. Because the fuel-air charge is subject to higher pressure and self-combusts, fuel is used more efficiently than the traditional spark-fired system. The spark-fired system wastes as much fuel as it uses, and it operates at lower internal pressures. This means that instead of being nearly 50% efficient, the standard gas engine is only about 30% efficient, and needs a spark to work.
What is a Diesel LPG Injection System?
Diesel LPG injection allows the engine to operate on diesel fuel exclusively or a mixture of LPG (Liquid Propane Gas) and diesel fuel. Some vehicles come from the factory equipped to run LPG, while others may need a conversion kit in order to use LPG. Some of the benefits of LPG use are reduced fuel cost, improved emissions, and improved engine power. The LPG is a secondary fuel, almost like a fuel additive. The main fuel delivery system of the vehicle remains unchanged, and the engine can burn diesel fuel as normal. However, when the LPG is mixed with the diesel, it allows the diesel fuel to be completely burned, providing the aforementioned benefits.

Driver benefits
Operational benefits to the driver of a fuel-injected car include smoother and more dependable engine response during quick throttle transitions, easier and more dependable engine starting, better operation at extremely high or low ambient temperatures, smoother engine idle and running, increased maintenance intervals, and increased fuel efficiency. On a more basic level, fuel injection does away with the choke, which on carburetor-equipped vehicles must be operated when starting the engine from cold and then adjusted as the engine warms up.
Environmental benefits
Fuel injection generally increases engine fuel efficiency. With the improved cylinder-to-cylinder fuel distribution of multi-point fuel injection, less fuel is needed for the same power output (when cylinder-to-cylinder distribution varies significantly, some cylinders receive excess fuel as a side effect of ensuring that all cylinders receive sufficient fuel).
Exhaust emissions are cleaner because the more precise and accurate fuel metering reduces the concentration of toxic combustion byproducts leaving the engine, and because exhaust cleanup devices such as the catalytic converter can be optimized to operate more efficiently since the exhaust is of consistent and predictable composition.

How Does Direct Injection Work on Diesel Engines?

In a direct injection engines system the fuel is injected directly into the cylinder in a diesel engine. The injection of fuel occurs when the air is compressed to its hottest and the fuel will work most efficiently. This is the prototype Otto-cycle engine system. A self-igniting system, the diesel relies on the heat generated by highly compressed air to fire the fuel-air mix without the need of spark plug. Because diesel fuel tends to be less refined than gasoline, it also contains anti-fouling and special misting chemicals so the engine will work correctly.

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